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Your Health & Safety obligations

Your Health & Safety obligations


health safetyAre you aware of your responsibilities and obligations regarding Health & Safety training for your employees ?

Do you know how non-compliance of the law regarding training can affect your company’s insurance cover ?

Do you know that Health & Safety training for your employees can dramatically reduce your overheads and insurance costs ?


Avoid a Section 80 offence under the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

Health and Safety Authority (H.S.A.) inspectors are at present seeking to find out the extent to which employers, directors and senior managers are aware of their health and safety responsibilities in the workplace. Two key aspects of workplace health and safety are examined – Firstly, the adequacy of safety and health organisation in the company relating to training for complying with the 2005 Act and secondly, the extent of safety and health monitoring being carried out by the company to ensure it complies with the Act. You are obliged by law to have your health and safety training up to date for all your employees.

Every business in Ireland must be acutely aware of their statutory responsibilities to their staff. Avoid a Section 80 offence which could mean a heavy fine or even closure of your company by adhering to the following obligations –

Your obligations by law under the 2005 Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act are as follows –

  • Have an up to date and appropriate safety statement for your company’s premises and activities.
  • You must provide manual handling training for all staff in your company.
  • Where appropriate lifting equipment or machinery is used, all employees must be trained to a level of competency to operate it safely.
  • A qualified Occupational First Aid person should be present on your company’s premises at all times.
  • Familiarise yourself with the training required for your employees and your company.

Implications of non- compliance with the Act for your company are

  1. Insurance Companies are now more likely to investigate incidents which result in liability claims. A breach of policy condition, which includes non-compliance with Health and Safety Legislation, can and possibly will result in them refusing to provide you with indemnity. This could result in a heavy financial loss to your company.
  2. Penalties for a breach of Health and Safety Legislation are not confined to Directors or Proprietors. Senior managers are also exposed to Civil Actions. The cost of defending an action taken against any individual (Director or Manager) must be borne personally. It is not possible to allocate it as an operational business expense.
  3. A section 80 offence could result in your business being closed down.

Advantages to your Company by complying with the 2005 Health, Safety and Welfare At Work Act are

  • Reduced rates on your insurance premiums can be offered if your staff are trained properly and up to the required standard.

  • Cut overheads, increase productivity and reduce the risk of an accident by having your staff properly trained for the job they have to do eg. Manual Handling or Forklift Training

  • Training can reduce the risk of a serious accident on your company’s premises and all insurance companies now carry a survey and risk improvement condition on their policies.

  • Peace of mind that your employees are safe in their working environment.

  • Knowing you are complying with the law under the 2005 Act.