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Overhead Gantry/Hoist Training Course

Course Objectives –
To enable operatives of Overhead Gantry/Hoist Equipment to operate the equipment in a safe and proper manner. This course will equip the operator with the knowledge of the Safety Legislation relating to Gantry equipment and will also give them the knowledge of how to carry out proper pre-use checks of the equipment. The overall effect of this knowledge reduces the risk of an accident greatly.

Content of Programme –

  • Safety Legislation and Requirements of the Regulations
  • Prevention of Accidents
  • Markings and Indentification
  • Safe use of Equipment
  • Pre-Use Checks
  • Inspection and Certification
  • Transporting, Storage and Handling
  • Practical Demonstrations
  • Practical Testing

Assessment –
Short Written Theory Test
Duration –
1 Day
Attendees –
6 maximum (Refreshers)