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Office Safety Awareness

Duration: 1 Day Course Purpose: The Office Safety Awareness course is designed to provide attendees with general assessment of the common hazards and risks found in an office environment and how to control them. To ensure employers are fully aware of their legal responsibilities, what and how they need to implement to ensure compliance and a safe effective workplace. Programme Outcomes: Identify the legal requirements relating to office environments Risk assess the office environment Ensure control measures are put in place and adhered to. Programme Modules: Legal Responsibilities & Safety […]


Fire Warden Training

Details This course trains participants to deal with fire on an emergency basis. It emphasises the dangers of fire, the importance of prevention, and the necessity of urgent action when fire breaks out and the role of the Fire Warden Duration  1 Day Attendees Max: 12 Certification On completion of the course participants will be able to: List their duties as fire wardens Identify fire hazards in the workplace Use portable fire extinguishers effectively Manage and control evacuations Describe the chemistry of fire Monitor fire controls Assist in the management […]


Fire Safety & Extinguisher Training

Details This is a half day course and gives participants the necessary information required and the practical experience to extinguish fires in the workplace. Duration   1/2 Day Attendees  Max. 12 Certification On completion of this course participants will be able to: Identify fire hazards in the workplace List basic precautions to prevent fire. Select the appropriate extinguisher Use Portable fire extinguishers effectively Course programme Introduction / Course Objectives Chemistry of Fire Fire Triangle Dangers and Consequences of Fire Precautions Portable Fire Extinguishers Practical Experience of Putting out Fires Method of […]